Azure SQL Long-term backup retention

Azure SQL Long-term retention just want into public preview. I was looking for a guide to set this up, but I couldn’t find anything, so here is my own little guide 🙂

  • Log into your Azure portal (
  • Click on azure_sql_ltr_ss3 and search for ‘backup’. Click the result ‘Backup and Site Recovery (OMS)’ to create a new Recovery Services Vault.


  • Fill out the form. Select the subscription that also contains your SQL server
  • Select the Resource group that your SQL server is also a member of
  • Select your preferred Location
  • Click Create
  • Wait a few seconds while your Recovery Services vault is being created
  • Go into SQL Servers
  • Click on your SQL server
  • Click on the new setting called “Long-term backup retention”


  • If you have not yet accepted the preview terms you will see this message:


  • Click the message, click the checkbox that shows up, and click the OK button
  • Select the databases you would like to backup
  • Click the Configure button on top of the pane
  • Select your Recovery service vault
  • Create a new retention policy by filling out the name and choosing the retention period
  • Click OK


  • Click the Save button on top of the pane


  • That should be it 🙂

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