How to restore Microsoft SQL database from Azure blob (with special characters in logical name)

I was struggling with this and now I found a solution I would like to share šŸ™‚

I have setup Managed Backup on a SQL server and now I have a lot of backupfiles located in a storage account on Azure. I needed to figure out how to use these files for database restore. First I tried simply using SQL Server Management Studio, but I didn’t get very far. I can select the blob storage, but for some reason it does not show any files?

Next option was restoring using a query.

I wanted to restore the database to a new server and I want the database files to be located in another folder. To do that I need to know the logical names of all files in the database backup, you can get that by using this query…


FROM URL = ' 2015_726ef093fa6d4165b0492221922832bb_20170614141530+02.bak'


SQLrestore1The result of this query lists the logical name of alle database files, and the physical location of the files on the server where the backup was taken.

Notice that the above logical names contains parentheses. I could not find a way to escape these, so instead I used variables.



SET @fn1 = 'Demo Database NAV (7-0)_data'

SET @fn2 = 'Demo Database NAV (7-0)_log'

RESTORE DATABASE [My databaseĀ 2015]

FROM URL = ' 2015_726ef093fa6d4165b0492221922832bb_20170614141530+02.bak'


MOVE @fn1 TO 'C:\SQL data\Mydatabase2015_Data.mdf'

,MOVE @fn2 TO 'C:\SQL data\Mydatabase2015_Log.ldf'


The result should hopefully be something like this…