“Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client has stopped working” error when starting NAV client

“Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client has stopped working”

This message has given me a headache today, but now I finally found a solution…

The error message came up when I tried to start up the NAV 2013 RTC client. There were 2 error messages in the Event Log, but none of them said anything useful.

I have been fighting with a problem similar to this once before, where I had to give up and never found a solution. The problem seemed to be related to roaming profiles where the user profile was stored at \\server\profiles$\username\… and the error message there was something like “app data path contains illegal characters”. Anyway, my point is that this customer only had this problem on Lenovo laptops. There were no problems running NAV in a VM using the same username and Group Policies.

This makes me think that there might be some kind of software preinstalled on Lenovo computers?!? There seem to be a problem when the NAV client has to write to C:\Users\username\appdata\…

Long story short… I fixed the problem by changing the NAV 2013 RTC shortcut and adding the parameter -settings:”C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\ClientUserSettings.config”.